Smooth Path OR Foot-Bind

Art: Enchantment, Sorcery, Naming

Ruling Planet: Mars

Sphere: Common

The “Smooth Path” charm subtlely directs the placement of the recipient’s feet when travelling, especially when he is moving across uneven or even broken ground, aiding him in finding the safest and most easily traversed parts of the path and smoothing and reconfiguring the rest of the path for the character as he moves along it, so it is broad flat and fair, for the DUR. The charm reduces any AV penalties assessed for being located on or travelling across such ground, by up to (POT).

In any circumstance under which the character would have to make an AGL check for travelling across rough ground of any kind to avoid mishap or injury, the DV is reduced by (POT). If this reduces the DV to zero NOT accounting for penalties due to speed, the need for the check is eliminated, the character will be able to travel safely without any such AGL check.

The “Footbind” aspect of this charm seeks to guide the victim’s feet in exactly the opposite manner, to the most treacherous footing for the DUR, raising ridges and deepening ruts, making rocks sharper and more prominent, in effect raising the DV’s for the consequent AGL checks that are required, by (POT).

However, in the use of either aspect, if the recipient travels faster than (POT) mph while under the influence of the charm, the dweomer is considered broken as surely as it had been dispelled. This dweomer may be applied to the course of a given path, from point A to point B as designated by the caster or to a vehicle to ease the way or make harder any track or path down which it is taken (Enchantment, Naming), or may be applied to any creature (especially beast of burden) or being (Sorcery, Naming) to ease the way or make harder any track or path down which it travels.

This charm may only be resisted normally when applied directly to creatures and beings.

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