Soothsay, Prophesy

Art: Divination

Ruling Planet: Mercury, Uranus

Sphere: Common

Soothsaying, or “Seeking News of the Future”, is directly related to the “Seek News” skill and bundled with it for the purposes of accounting for slots filled by magick skills, though it will be tracked separately in SL during play, according to the use it gets.

IF the caster also has the Prescience or Prophesy and Augury Spirit Skill, its SL will be added to the casting AV and ALSO to the effective POT of the dweomer, but AFTER it is cast (i.e., it will NOT raise the casting DV, as using a greater amount of POT normally would). Whatever the basis that was chosen for the character’s Spirit Skill in this regard, (Aeromancy, Geomancy, Pyromancy, Hydromancy, Carrtomancy, Rune Mal, etc., as detailed in the description), will be the basis of the casting of this magick when it is performed as Low Magick.

The Soothsay dweomer enables the caster to open himself up to an number of snatches of vision and the babble of voices of the future to try to discern the direction in which events as they stand at the moment of the casting are headed. The caster will be able to discern up to (POT) visions of the future, most of which will most likely be related directly to those matters that might be revealed by “Seeking News” in the area, if not all, or be completely unrelated. They may concern the caster himself, his acquaintances, friends, or loved ones, or may or may not concern anything that he particularly wishes to see, but the visions will VERY important, perhaps even vital, to one or more objects, creatures, or beings who are important to Fate within (SPT + POT) miles.

For the GM’s sanity, the future will NOT be graven in stone but will be considered mutable from one moment to the next according to the actions of ALL involved, from the great to the small. The visions viewed may all center about the same topic/subject, or be a string of unrelated, disjointed images, or be any combination thereof. Visions may be strictly visual, or include sound and/or sensation, even seeming wholly real to the caster, or consist solely of some other sensory input. This will most likely be used by most GM’s as a vehicle for conveying information missed by the character(s) or for which no other vehicle exists in the context of the game for the character(s) to obtain in order to move adventure(s), related or even unrelated sub-plots, or greater campaign story-arcs forward.

Visions received will describe the possible, and commonly the most probable, future for the individual(s) that they concern, given the subject’s prevailing circumstances. The visions may show two possible results of the events depending on how they go, one good, one perhaps not so much. If the characters manage to change those circumstances or even directly intervene in some way, the outcome may be changed, or the circumstances under which it is achieved, or the entire event prophesied be avoided or eliminated.

The visions granted by the dweomer may occur in broken snatches over the course of the entire DUR as allowed by the POT if tied-off, normally, or for as long as the caster wishes to maintain it (as applicable), or all at once – For the time he is being subjected to the visions, the caster will be completely engulfed and immersed in them and unable to communicate with others, all physical senses shut down. These episodes will last for approximately one or two CS’s each when occurring sporadically, or roughly (POT) CS’s if suffered all at once. Once the visions have all been received, the caster will retain crystal clear memory of them sufficient to review them in mind and comb them through to glean all possible details for an additional (DUR) period of time.

The visions gained from the dweomer will be sufficiently strong and clear that they may be invested in a “Scrying” device so they may be shown and shared with others. Once the DUR has passed, all visions will fade away like the memories of dreams, eventually forgotten.

Many magick-wielders who possess this skill keep a special diary for the sole purpose of recording their visions.

This charm may not be resisted.


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