Speak in Tongues OR Babble Hex

Art: Divination

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Sphere: Common

The “Speak in Tongues” charm magickally enhances the caster’s or recipient’s speech and language skills so as to break down all barriers and differences of language and understanding, eliminate differences in idioms due to class and educational differences, smooth over jargon associated with various trades or backgrounds so the caster or bearer(s) of the charm may understand one another perfectly. In game terms, in effect, the dweomer can be used to add (POT) to the character’s language skills (any and all, up to POT in number). But this is a rather limited use of the dweomer.

If the practitioner or any other subject should find himself surrounded by those who cannot understand him, he may cast the charm in such a manner that his words or the words of the bearer of the charm are translated for all those they encounter for the DUR of the charm, at an effective SL equal to the POT of the dweomer. Conversely, the dweomer translates the words of those encountered so the bearer of the charm understands them equally as well.

In a very international setting where those attempting to communicate are all speaking different languages, the dweomer may be cast over an AoE in which all languages spoken are in turn translated so that they are equally understood by any and all within ear-shot.

There is much more to the dweomer than just the application to the spoken word, however. The dweomer also bestows the ability to convey ideas or concepts without mishap, to the point of bestowing the ability to teach as well as any member of the Magister trade, as long as the magick is maintained, so long as the charm is cast with the Master Level of Achievement in POT.

IF the charm is bestowed upon anyone who also possess’ the Magister trade, the POT of the dweomer is be added to the effective SL for its use if he keeps the magick in effect for the full time required to teach the skill or subject in question.

The caster may also use this charm to “Transliterate” or “Read in Tongues” any written works, composed in up to [(AWA ÷ 4) + (POT)] different languages, regardless of form, whether scroll or book, clay tablets, carven monument or temple wall, so long as they are all written in the language(s) of the example(s) he has chosen to anchor the magick.

The charm can also be turned to focus on an ancient and/or dead language, translating the spoken language and dialect and changing idioms, or transliterating written works such as carven pictograms or hieroglyphs, that have been out of use up to (DUR) time, counting back into the past. It is up to the caster to use enough POT to make the DUR into the past yield a significant or useful period of time. The charm may only translate one such ancient/dead language with any given casting.

This skill also encompasses the opposing dweomer, referred to as the “Babble Hex” in application to verbal communication. This aspect requires those so afflicted to make a successful Linguist skill check on d100 vs. the dweomer’s [(POT) + (MGA att. mod.)] in order to convey ANY idea or piece of information successfully, even between those who are speaking the same language, even by signing or playing charades, regardless of whether it is the victim’s ‘milk-tongue’ learned at his mothers’ knee.

An additional aspect of this Hex is to swap the voice of the target with that of some animal that simply doesn’t even have the power of intelligible speech, whether it is some creature with which the caster is familiar by previous personal experience or happens to be present within the caster’s hearing at the time of the casting. It matters not if it is the snorting of a pig, the lowing of a cow, the braying of a donkey, the clucking of a chicken, or something more exotic, so long as it meets these guidelines.

The “Indecipherable Text/Image” dweomer will be the opposite of the “Transliterate” or “Read in Tongues” aspect of this dweomer, providing the DV against which the text or images, symbols, even paintings, to which it is applied may actually be identified.

The “Speak in Tongues” magick Opposes the “Babble Hex”.

The “Transliterate” or “Read in Tongues” aspect Opposes the “Indecipherable Text” or “Indecipherable Image” aspect of this dweomer.

This charm may only be resisted normally when applied directly to creatures and beings.

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