Spitting Naja

Art: Sorcery, Naming

Ruling Planet: Mars

Sphere: Common

Spitting Naja” fills the mouth of the bearer of the charm with a seething potion of virulent venom to be spat forth at foes, to soak them down, drip in eyes and insinuate itself into the mouth, the ears, soak through clothing and bandages into any wounds.

The venom strikes one (1) point per minute, but does not inflict blows with POT to inflict wounds, rather, it is primarily a neurotoxin of the same nature as the snake bears after which the charm is named.

Even keeping his eyes tightly shut, the venom soaking the victim eventually insinuates itself into them, unless some means can be found of washing the venom off. Wiping it off, regardless of the means used, is NOT sufficient. The insinuation of the venom takes [(CND) + (STR att. mod.)] – (POT) CS’s. Once the venom gets in the eyes (which it must by the time the venom finally affects him), the victim is blinded, accompanied by an excruciating burning pain that requires a successful P-RES check vs. the Venom POT in order to maintain consciousness.

IF consciousness is maintained, a HRT check vs. the Venom POT must be successfully made in order for the victim to be able to act, otherwise he is considered Stunned, and must make a new check the following minute to maintain consciousness again.

The venom hits the victim’s CND score one (1) point at a time. If or when the victim’s AGL score is reduced to zero, he is paralyzed down to even his autonomic systems, and starts to suffocate.

Not even magickal help can save the victim unless the venom is first cleared from the body, or at least diminished to a point where at least one (1) point of CND remains.

IF the bearer of the charm’s mouth can be sealed and he forced to swallow the Spittle, he must suffer the damage it contains himself, from the inside.

IF a practitioner has both the “Caustic Spittle” and “Spitting Naja” charms in his portfolio of skills, the attributes of both can be combined to create a “Caustic Venom” dweomer. This inflicts blows of (magickal damage) in POT as well as inflicting harm to the CND score, the latter aspect manifesting as soon as the first wound is taken from is acid aspect.

This charm cannot be resisted, but a successful P-RES check can reduce the effective POT of the venom by (CND att. mod.).

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