Starting Character SL Awards

Particular trades and certain social classes and stations of society value certain skills so highly and teach them to their members so assiduously and consistently that they are considered standards and even earmarks by which those social classes or trades are publicly known, making it necessary to award them to qualifying characters as a reflection of that importance and their ubiquitous nature.

The skill(s) and SL(s) shown on the following table are awarded to starting characters prior to their entry into play in order to make them proper representatives of the strata of society and also the Trade(s) to which they belong.

  • The numbers shown on the table are the SL’s to which the skills are raised for the characters noted. 
  • However many SL’s are added to reach the SL noted, they are free to all characters regardless of their build method.
  • Players building Custom Method characters may NOT cannibalize the SL’s awarded to get DP’s to buy SL’s for other skills.
  • These adjustments are made only AFTER a character’s TR’s and SL’s are FINALIZED.
  • NOTE: Some of the adjustments are made to Life Skills or Life Skill Bundles only in the event that the character has been equipped with them already. 
  • The award of a skill(s) or skill bundle a player has already equipped his character with brings the SL(s) determined previously up to the SL indicated.

IF  a skill is awarded is one the character did not previously have, it still carries the normal AWA-slot cost, unless the character does not have one left for it, in which case the cost is forgiven. 

IF a skill or bundle is noted twice for a given character due to his various Trades, the highest of the SL’s noted marks the SL to which it is to be raised.

7-2. Beginning Skill Awards


* Only those Merchants who are engaged in travel or whose primary office/residence is in a port or border market town where they deal regularly with carters, Mariners, and other merchants who are widely travelled.

† This allowance is optional. If the players wants it, the character can have the LoA award for it. IF the character is given any single skill from this bundle instead, the same LoA awards are made to it.

†† This allowance only applies if the player has opted to equip his Scholar with additional Scholar Tongues (equivalent of Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, etc.), Foreign languages, and/or Ancient Tongues, and are applied to as many of the (AWA ÷ 4) he is allowed as the player chooses to give the character.

** The STA score is assumed to be modified for Build by race first.

The Alchemist, Simple, learned his arts from a master, whether it was a formal apprenticeship or not. Formal apprenticeship is only available if the practice of Alchemy is governed by a guild (GM’s discretion).

A Wizard learned his arts from a master, whether it was a formal apprenticeship or not. Formal apprenticeship is only available if the practice of Wizardry is governed by a guild.

IF a player wants his character’s magickal arts and training, whether formal wizardry or alchemy, to have come from a formal university curriculum, he must equip him with the (Scholar) Magister Trade.