Stature (STA) and Build (BLD)

Stature is a general measure of a character’s size, indicating without actually defining such things as height, as might first come to mind, but also his overall frame. It gives a general idea of how broad the shoulders, how deep the chest, the thickness of bones and joints, wrist, ankles, feet, and hands, how hard he is to fit for hat, shirt and gaskins in sleeve length and inseam, gloves, shoes, and the like, relative to the average for his race. Except for the height, which can still vary a bit between those who have the same score, STA is not intended to be a pin-point specific measure. It is nonetheless a major factor in determining the amount of actual physical punishment or damage the character can withstand and is a primary factor in determining the character’s weight, though race has a major effect on this also. As such, it is very important for any and all characters that expect to enter into armed combat at all, in the same manner that his AGL, CND, STR and AWA scores are.

Because it is used as a universal measuring stick for all creatures great and small, humanoid, beastly, and monstrous, in the context of the game, STA score ranges are compressed relative to the rest of the attributes. In addition to STA, STR and CND also have a direct effect on the physical appearance of the character, indicating how much mass is packed on the frame, and the composition of that mass.

The most accurate guide to the character’s physical proportions are found under Build, which is largely a function of the character’s race, being one of the aspects that physically defines a race.

Unlike the rest of the Physical Attributes, STA scores have to be modified according to Build prior to use in determining other aspects of the character description. Where STA is called for, the text will always indicate whether the raw original score purchased should be used or the score modified for Build.

STA is also unique among the attribute scores for the fact that no attribute modifier is needed for it. In the second box next to the attribute score on the Character Record Sheet the player actually records the modified score according to Build (by race) instead.

The direct effects of STA on the character can be seen under Height in Physical Description, as follows, and also in Step 9. Tactical Attributes under Body Points.


Character Build

Even though the player can vary the proportions of the character’s body somewhat by altering his height for his given STA score – making him more stocky if a little shorter or a little more long and slim if a bit taller than average for a given score – STA is actually based on human proportions. In order to take into account different types of frames, it must be modified to suit a non- or demi-human character standard.

The degree to which STA describes actual proportions is necessarily limited.

The actual proportions of a character’s structure, or frame is determined by his race, and expressed as his Build.

Character Build may be found on table 4-8., according to character race.

This should be noted on the Character Record Sheet in the space provided.

In the Secondary Attributes (following) where STA is a factor, it will have to be modified as dictated by table 4-8. before being used, and also before being used to determine Weight (but NOT height, that uses the raw original score).

When determining Body Points in Step 7. Tactical Attributes (the amount of physical damage a character can sustain and still survive) his STA are multiplied by the number indicated on the table before adding it in, and when determining the character can carry (as follows) these multipliers are applied to his Encumbrance rates, as well.


4-8. Character Build Multipliers, by Race

Race Build STA multiplier
Elf Slight x 0.75
HalfElf Med-Light x 0.9
Human Medium x 0
Dwarf Heavy x 1.5