Stealth Charm

Art: Sorcery, Naming

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Sphere: Common

The Stealth Charm is a subtle magick and a versatile dweomer providing the caster with the means to bestow on the bearer an effective SL equal to the POT of the magick in any one of the Stealth skills; Padfoot, Skulker, and Stalker. If the recipient should already have skill in the aspect of Stealth enhanced by the magick, the POT of the dweomer is simply added to his SL for the DUR.

In a similar but opposing vein, this charm can be used to penalize any of the same uses of the Stealth skills by the same amount (POT). Whether the target has the skill penalized or not makes no difference because all the aspects of Stealth stem from AGL as Open Skills and can be attempted with or without skill. This aspect merely penalizes the target’s chances in any event.

The “Stealth Charm” magick can sometimes oppose the effects of the Sentry aspect of the “Perception Charm”, depending how each is used (GM’s discretion).

The “Stealth Charm” skill provides the practitioner with a bridge to the “Charm of Silence” magick, giving him the means and background to research it and develop a treatise on it such that he may learn it by virtue of his own studies and practice if it is not already in his repertoire.

This charm may be resisted normally.

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