Sun Burn

Art: Naming

Ruling Planet: Sun

Sphere: Common

This charm concentrates and intensifies the sun’s rays around the target so that he takes a wound equal to (magickal damage) in POT at the end of each CS. In the case of spirits of Darkness, undead and other creatures of Darkness that are vulnerable to the rays of the sun, this charm adds (charm POT) to the POT of wounds inflicted by the sun’s rays so long as they are subjected to them.

Those standing adjacent to any affected by this charm may be burned as well, for the heat rolls off the target up to (magickal damage) feet. The number of feet away from the target indicates is subtracted from the POT of any heat wounds inflicted on others. The POT of the wound inflicted is indicative of the intensity of the heat and may cause flash-over in combustible materials, according to the point-to-temperature conversion table and the flash-over temperatures presented for the GM’s use in the GM’s Tool Box.

As mentioned, this charm merely intensifies the existent light of the sun, thus the sun is required to already be present in some manner first. Whether or not it applies to the reflected light of the sun is up to the GM to determine for himself – perhaps it can only take effect when reflected by a noble metal such as silver of gold (GM’s discretion).

Once the target of this charm moves out of the sun’s light, the charm is broken, as surely as if it had been dispelled. The target can then move back into the light again and suffer no further ill effects from the charm.

This charm cannot be resisted.

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