Swift Heal

Art: Sorcery, Naming

Ruling Planet: Sun

Sphere: Common

The “Swift Heal”magick accelerates the rate at which the recipient heals and recovers once wounded. For the DUR, the power of the dweomer divides the rate at which the recipient would normally heal a wound by (POT), round to the nearest half-day. At a POT of 1, the recipient heals in three-fourths the time he would normally.

For example,a character who would normally heal a Light level wound in 6 days would heal it in a half a day after receiving a Swift Heal of POT 10 (6 days = 144 hours; 144 ÷ 10 = 14.4, or 14 hours, closer to 12 hours than 24, or one-half a day).

This charm cannot clean or close wounds, however. If not taken care of manually, they heal over in due course of time, but leaving grotesque scarring. All wounds must also be cleaned out normally, however, or the characters wounds are highly likely to fester despite the accelerated healing.

The “Swift Heal” magick has the power to Oppose such magicks as “Wound Hex“. Only in successfully opposing such a magick the recipient’s wounds then be closed.

Unlike many other healing magicks, there is no limit on the time frame within which the Swift Heal charm may be applied. It may be used for the recipient’s benefit at any point in the healing process.

This charm can be fully resisted normally.

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