Spirituality (SPT)

Represents such things as the tenderness of the character’s basic beliefs, how in touch he is with his emotions, the strength of his compassion, his ability to empathize with others, the depth of his faith in Deity, his ties and general connection to Spirit itself, as well. Spirituality indicates the character’s attachment and attunement to spiritual matters, what we in the modern day would call “superstition”, his general interest in spiritual versus physical matters and habits in his life and in the gameworld at large. It also indicates the degree to which he values spiritual connections, the strength and motivational force of his love for friends, family, spouse, children, even lord, king and country. It measures his general Grace of spirit, as well, and the strength or weakness of the gentler deity-oriented Virtues such as Faith, Hope, Charity, and Humility.

A “1” in this attribute indicates the character has no clue about the heart, the soul and their uses, and the softer side of life. He is so busy shouting and shoving with his friends, grunting and playing in bed, sweating, running and dancing good vigorous peasant dances, riding, and hunting, fighting, eating and drinking to excess, and competing in highly physical sports like wrestling, while scorning quiet contemplation, books, scholars and ascetics whose delicate sensitivities and sensibilities confound him.

Any character intended to be a Druid (any), Mystic, Witch or Wizard must have a SPT score of 14 or higher.

A character with a “25” score in this attribute is able to appreciate the most subtle nuance of feeling in his true love’s heart, to glean every iota of spiritual value from the most esoteric literature, and has a great capacity to enjoy theater, visual arts, sculpture, music, poetry and all such expressions of the beauty of the spirit within which appeal to Man’s higher nature. Such a character might attend to his religious devotions as faithfully as any priest in holy orders without having any need of making a public show of it by actually taking holy orders himself if he has other avenues that draw him more strongly to pursue. He generally has a great distaste for the brutal crudities of the physical world, excesses of physical appetites of any kind and most especially physical violence. He is driven to seek quiet places and solitude, to escape the hurly-burly of the mundane world and crowds of the brutish common run of folk.