Tell-Tale, Plume of Dust, Signal Flare, (Foe) Marker

Art: Divination

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Sphere: Common

The dweomer attaches a marker of sorts to the bearer or recipient (object, creature and/or being) that is visible even to mundane eyes. This can take on a number of different manifestations, depending on the caster’s needs and the element with which he is affiliated by birth. For those practitioners born under air signs, the charm creates a small dark cloud to hang directly overhead of the target or recipient, similar in appearance to a rain cloud but rather small and flickering with occasional flashes of lightning within, or even a glittering rainbow of jewel-toned color arcing through the sky which can then be followed as a guide by the caster from his position to that where the object, creature or being so marked is located.

Those born under earth signs can mark the target or recipient so that whenever he sets foot outside a building the charm kicks up a plume of grit, dust and debris multiplied by the dweomer so it soars up into the sky and provides a dun-colored Plume of Dust that acts as a visual marker so the recipient may be tracked or so as to mark his position or warn of his approach. The Plume only rises up when the recipient is outdoors and moving, regardless of the rate of speed and, once the recipient’s stops moving or enters any shelter, it dissipates on the wind at a rate of 1 point of effective POT per minute.

Those born under fire signs can conjure a Signal Flare, a fiery streak arcing upward from the bearer of the charm high into the sky to explode in a splash of coruscating brilliant fire like a signal flare or a firework display that does not dissipate but hovers continuously showering its sparkling brilliance from overhead.

These may be used to follow the movements of an object, creature or being, or to mark a location to which the caster wishes to be able to find his way back, or even to signal his own location to others who may be searching for him.

The Marker may be seen from up to [(observer’s AWA) + (POT)] miles due to its elevation. It can be used as a guide only in the manner described for the directional “bump” produced by the “Charm of Direction”. While showing true direction as the bird flies, it does not warn nor otherwise take into account the difficulties of any obstacles that may lie between the object, creature, being or location sought and the caster himself.

This dweomer is commonly found in Wardings and bundled with Alarum charms as a visual means of alerting those concerned when their defenses have been tested or breached.

This dweomer can be resisted normally when cast upon any creature and/or being.

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