Temperate Charm

Art: Naming

Ruling Planet: Mars (heat), Pluto (cold)

Sphere: Common

Enables the caster to either raise or lower the natural temperature of any object, creature or being (itself, internally, through-and-through), or immediately surrounding any object, creature or being (from the skin/surface out a couple fingers’ widths), or the ambient temperature prevailing within the AoE he designates, but only to the point just shy of that at which even one (1) point of elemental fire or frost damage is inflicted. Below or above that one-point threshold, the caster can dictate the temperature exactly as he likes, to warm/heat an object or dish of food to a comfortable temperature for holding or consuming, or the ambient temperature in a chamber, hall, tent or pavilion for comfort in cold weather, to protect one with a fever from catching a chill. Alternately, it can cool/chill an object or dish to a refreshing temperature or the ambient temperature to provide relief from hot weather. This is usually referred to as the “Temperate Charm”.”

The “Temperate Charm” is of the greatest utility (outside of combat) in its ability to enable the characters to avoid the dangers of desert heat or biting winter cold, to adventure all year ’round in all climates. To take a number of garments, robes, veils, sleeping furs, etc. and treat them with the “Warm” aspect of the dweomer, one might then don or crawl under them in layers and thus compound the effects of the dweomers they carry. Thus a robe treated to “Cool” by 25° could be wrapped in a cloak that also cools 25° to keep the wearer a comfortable 70° in the harsh 120° desert heat. In minus 20° winter cold a couple of sleeping furs that warm the wearer 35° each would bring the temp up to 50° before determining the warming effect of the clothing worn.

IF the temperature prevailing in the AoE or around the target creature or being is not sufficient to actually inflict elemental frost or fire damage directly and immediately, all creatures and/or beings remaining within the AoE are subject to all side effects and consequences of such a change in temperature normally (hypothermia, heat prostration/stroke) according to the parameters for exposure, depending upon how long they remain exposed and the extremity of the change in temperature, for so long as they remain in the AoE.

The charm does not merely bring the target area, object, creature or being to a given temperature and allow it to begin to cool off or warm again to match the surrounding ambient temperature again, but maintains the temperature at the level set by the caster for the DUR. Thus, any attempts to thaw out or cool down the bearer of the charm by common mundane means must meet with failure.

The “Temperate Charm” skill provides the practitioner with a bridge to the “Caloric Charm” magick, giving him the means and background to research it and develop a treatise on it sufficient to learn it by virtue of his own studies and practice.

This charm can be resisted normally when cast upon creatures and/or beings.

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