The Custom Method of Character Generation

The Custom Method takes the greatest investment in time, as it is based on the spending of a pool of Development Points (DP’s) on each of the phases of Character Generation.

Players start with 100 DP’s, unless the GM opts to alter this number (GM’s discretion).


IF the GM wants to give the players a little bit more of a free hand to create truly impressive heroic characters with fewer flaws, he might consider granting the players a few more DP’s with which to create Custom Method characters, or grant a bonus to the dice rolls for Quick Method characters.

The GM should approach this with a conservative hand, however.

It is good for a heroic character to have flaws, areas in which he is not so perfect. It gives him something to be humble about. Arrogant characters that crow about their prowess and use it as a means of putting others down are nothing but boors, and offensive to boot. However, there is also something to be said for not making the players work the disadvantageous Heritage opportunities and Banes quite so hard to make a truly respectable hero.

A clever player can work an extra 25 DP’s in miraculous ways when motivated. An extra 50 or 75 DP’s might actually make him lazy and not work the system quite so hard, while an extra 100 DP’s should be considered an embarrassment of riches and should never be exceeded.

This allotment is solely in the GM’s hands, to be determined at his discretion.


All advantages a character may be given cost DP’s; any disadvantages taken provide the player with more DP’s to spend elsewhere. The player is free to write the background he likes, with as much detail as he likes, but it has a direct impact on the number of DP’s he has to spend elsewhere in developing the character. The player using the Custom Method can always consult the tables provided for the Quick Method and use them as a guide, and even use the dice on them as a source of inspiration to navigate the details, dice results being modified or even ignored completely, as desired, but the DP costs noted on them, provided for his convenience, still apply.

Getting the expenditure of points tweaked just right might take an entire afternoon and/or evening, perhaps even longer if the player wants to devote serious consideration to the full spectrum of options in making the decisions to complete each step. This investment in time and thought has the benefit of allowing the player the greatest amount of control over almost all aspects of the character, and encourages the players to consider some additional facets considered just for fun!

The player needs to check with the GM before making his character to find out what method he prefers, how many DP’s to start with if this is his choice, and if there are any aspects concerning the setting the GM has chosen for his game that directly affect Character Generation, especially race, social class and/or especially trade restrictions. It is highly recommended that all players in the same game use the same Method for creating their characters in the interests of starting with a level playing field, so everyone has equal access to character-building resources, but the final decision rests with the GM.