The Milk of Mother Nature

Art: Naming

Ruling Planet: Sun

Sphere: Common

From even a seed or from birth or hatching, The Milk of Mother Nature multiplies the Size/STA of any IMMATURE plant, creature or being by (POT), BUT only up to the maximum potential for its species. Maximum (normal) potential can be found in the description of any species of plant or beast, BUT extraordinary specimens of any given species can occur normally, and just because the size range stated provides indicates the only examples that have been found/captured and verifiably recorded and catalogued does NOT mean they are the largest occurring. The final, outermost limitations are up to the GM’s discretion.

If any POT remains after the maximum size potential of the plant, creature or being is reached, each remaining point of POT left over effectively adds 1 year of age beyond the normal age of (sexual maturation, beasts) or at which maximum size is normally reached (plants). This is nor merely a change in size but an actual change in the state of maturity. In the case of plants, any added years of maturity beyond full size may bring the species to the point of bearing fruit or being able to pollinate in the case of species that are divided between male and female.

The charm encourages plants, especially trees, to grow as true and straight as measured by a plumb bob as can be considered normal for the species, and as tall and as broad and full (as applicable) as its species is able. Among animals, it guides the creature or being’s growth as fine and straight and true as can be for that species. Even in application to those species whose form or appearance may be considered warped, twisted or otherwise disfigured, the charm smoothes out and refines its features and makes them as regular as it may, although it always stops short of eliminating such aspects entirely.

This charm may only be resisted by creatures or beings.

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