The Quick Method of Character Generation

The Quick Method is designed for speed and convenience for those players who want their characters in a hurry and aren’t fussy about details, and especially for novice players to help them through the process. If the GM has started the players with the pre-generated characters included, making and playing Quick Method characters is the perfect second step. For the more casual but experienced player, it also provides a good result while still allowing him get to play soonest.

Most every step in generating background for Quick Method characters relies on rolling dice or accepting the average (most common) results, while rolling for any additional details, rather than making the belabored decisions that a Custom Method character requires (player’s discretion within limits, in some cases).

The GM may allow a “Best out of two or three rolls” protocol for dicing in Quick Method generation to provide a little leeway in the results, the player should check in with him to see what his preference is in this regard, but the player can always fall back on the default offered if those all fail to provide a spark.

The results may be modified to suit the player with the GM’s approval so the player ends up with the character he wishes to play, but the player should keep in mind that the primary purpose of the Quick Method of character is speed and expediency, to get the player through the process with an acceptable result and to the table to play soonest. If he wants the character to have any advantages in his background beyond what the dice provide, the player may have to accept a disadvantage or two to balance them out, especially when those advantages are considered significant in game terms.

The player needs to check with the GM before making his character to find out what method he prefers, and if there are any aspects concerning the setting the GM has chosen for his game that directly affect Character Generation, especially race, social class and/or especially trade restrictions. It is highly recommended that all players in the same game use the same Method for creating their characters in the interests of starting with a level playing field, so everyone has equal access to character-building resources, but the final decision rests with the GM.