Thorn Warding

Art: Enchantment, Sorcery, Naming

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Sphere: Common

The “Thorn Warding” buries a warding in object(s) made of organic materials, specifically of plant matter (regardless of whether living or dead) that break out in thorns and spines dealing a wound of (magickal damage) in POT when touched. Living creatures or beings, or their hides, pelts, bones and other physical artifacts, can also be similarly protected, breaking out in quills and spines that are just as dangerous when touched. The effect of the Warding remains invisible until it is just about to be touched by one against whom it is tuned to guard.

The caster may designate creatures or beings of his choice to handle the Charmed object(s), safe from the magick’s effect, in the same manner as any other defensive magick, as discussed under the heading “Fine-Tuning the Magick”. When the power of the Warding is NOT tuned but is to react generally to all, the thorns, spines and quills resulting may be made to always manifest, at the caster’s option, as a visual warning.

Because the dweomer puts forth its thorns and spines from the object, creature or being itself, and then only when it is about to be touched/grasped by those it has been charmed to guard against, only a successful Contested Sentry (Perception)/AWA Roll on D100 vs. [50 – (casting AV)] reveals the danger inherent in the magick’s effect, enabling the victim to be stabbed by Surprise. So long as the Thorn Charmed object is held, the thorns bite the victim again and deeper for another wound of (magickal damage) in POT every CS.

The thorns disappear back into the charmed object, creature or being immediately when contact with the object is broken.

When cast upon any one of the aspects of the “Nature’s Hand” or “Nature’s Saving Graces” it transforms the constituent plants of which the construct is made, so that cruelly-thorned vines and briars, more woody vines like rose canes, blackberry and raspberry, breaking out all over in thorns and spines, like thistles and nettles and burrs, with stiff, sharp-edged serrated leaves are incorporated into it.

In effect, the caster may choose use as much or as little of the “Thorns” as he likes to protect any of the surfaces or their parts, as desired. In the case of the “Bridge” he may choose to cover the entire surface so to make of it a trial rather than a safe and easy means of passage, or a “Cell” be dressed in thorns inside and out to keep would-be rescuers and the prisoner himself from trying to tamper with it.

Any plant dressed in these “Thorns” has a way of twisting about when touched by living creatures to prick and slash for [(magickal damage) – (CRD)] if touched by conscious effort, to a minimum of one (1) point. If some unlucky person were to be slammed up against the “Thorns”, either by being hurled bodily or knocked back by an opponent, a blow/wound of (magickal damage) in POT is inflicted.

All damage is inflicted in cutting and slashing against the DR of any armor worn, if the optional strike types rules are in play.

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