Ventriloquism allows the character to throw his voice up to (SL x 2) feet, to a maximum of (STR + CND) feet, to make it appear to come from behind a door, within a chest, the other side of a room, behind the person they are talking to, and so on.

  • If the character also has the Silver Tongue skill, he may try to throw a mimed voice, though a roll is required for both miming and throwing the voice.
  • If the roll for throwing the voice is failed, the victim(s) of the ruse is able to figure out that the voice is not coming from the point specified by the character, that it is coming from some other place, though not necessarily what the point of origin is unless the character fails more than once (GM’s discretion).
  • If the roll is missed by more than (average STR + CRD), the victims is able to discern the actual origins of the attempted ruse.

For the use of this skill the att. mod. is based on the character’s STR and CRD.


GM’s Notes: 

The DV for using the Ventriloquism skill is Progressive based to the distance in yards that the character is attempting to throw his voice.


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