Walksafe, Fast & True Charm, Steady Structure OR Undermine

Art: Enchantment, Naming

Ruling Planet: Neptune (protect), Mars (undermine)

Sphere: Common

This charm steadies and holds masses/structures steady, make a whole structure stay together and stable where it would otherwise crumble and fall when tested – especially those weakened by fire or fragile with rot due to age. Weak points due to subsidence brought about to previous instability can also be bound and held, also pebbles, sand, scree/shale slopes, precariously piled boulders and masses of debris, even a fallen tree which may not have had adequate time to settle and find a point of stable equilibrium.

An object might lie in such a manner to at least allow the PC’s to duck across an otherwise impassable crevasse, although without the dweomer for stability it might be foolish to risk using it. The caster must specify whether he is using a targeted casting for a specific object or laying the dweomer over an entire AoE when the casting begins.

The dweomer will hold fast any unstable ground and areas prone to shift, subside or slide, fragile overhangs of snow, rock, dirt, even mud which may collapse in an avalanche, fractured cliff faces prone to shedding falling rocks, etc. while the recipients walk through, across, under or over them. As long as the surface or structure is NOT already in motion, has not begun to actively fall apart/down. As long as its inertia has not been overcome yet, it will stay put. In the cases of loose agglomerations consisting of such things as pebbles, small stones or sand, scree/shale, assorted debris and detritus, or any combination of these, especially when heaped so as to form slopes, inherently unstable when walked upon, so that crossing them is much greater a labor than walking on a sound stretch of ground, the dweomer will stabilize the surface in such a way that it may be as easily traversed as solid ground. The degree of any penalties that might be levied against the movement rate and the Wind charged for the task on traversing it will be reduced by the (POT) of the dweomer.

Under winter conditions, in the presence of ice and snow, especially as these together can be crafted by the wind into forming false surfaces and structures, the dweomer will provide additional strength, effectively adding [(HRT) + (POT)] in STP’s and adding (STP’s x 10) lb’s in additional weight tolerance to prevent their collapse while being crossed.

Each full mph of a creature or being’s speed adds 10 lb’s to his effective weight for these purposes of determining the dweomer’s ability to stabilize the AoE. Jumping and landing will increase a character’s effective weight, as will dancing a jig or performing handsprings or other similar Acrobatic moves on the structure or material stabilized by the dweomer. Weight and speed will be cumulative for every creature and being and/or cart or wagon and its speed that are crossing the AoE at the same time. Standing still, sitting, lying down will have no adverse effects.

Of course, after the character(s) cross the surface affected and the DUR expires, it will likely collapse immediately due to the latent energy built up in it from their passing against which the dweomer was guarding

Cast as an Enchantment upon a surface, substance or structure the dweomer benefits all who cross the AoE who do not exceed the limits set by the GM plus the strength and stability the dweomer lends so long as it endures. Similarly, cast as a Enchantment upon a cart, wagon, or other conveyance, the dweomer acts to stabilize all surfaces across which the recipient creature or being passes for the DUR.

Cast as a Naming magick, it may also be placed upon an object, especially a piece of apparel, to provide the benefit to the wearer whenever he should encounter or cross such unstable footing in the same manner described for the Sorcery, or applied to a chariot, cart or wagon it will similarly hold the road or path followed steady where ever it may pass, to the best of the dweomer’s ability, in the same manner as described for the Enchantment.

This dweomer has NO power to protect the recipient or stabilize the footing of any ground permeated with liquid to the point where it can be considered quagmire or quicksand, clay, slurry or mud into which a character can sink with a single step (GM’s discretion), and in particular does NOT oppose the “Quagmire” dweomer.

The reverse of this charm produce an “Undermine Structure” effect to DE-stabilize the AoE and undermine the balance between objects that are at rest against one another, to lay traps for enemies or guard against any who may be following behind. It reduces the capacity of the surface or structure to withstand traffic already assigned by the GM by (POT), in the opposite fashion as that described above by STP’s and thus by weight.

Used in this aspect, those weak points that exist in a structure or pile of debris being climbed or walked across might actually be triggered to subside, fall, collapse or cave in, and unstable surfaces being trod across as discussed previously may be made so treacherous that movement speeds allowed to cross them are reduced FURTHER by the charm’s POT.

This charm may be resisted normally when cast upon creatures and/or beings.

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