Weather Sense

This skill is both a subtle form of intuition and a result of the character’s careful observance of phenomena related to changes in the weather, reading the clouds, the movements of the wind, interpreting the feel of the very air itself, noting the subtle changes in the plant life and the movements of the local animal life that herald not only common day-to-day weather changes, but also signal greater more cataclysmic events, such as the impending eruption of a volcano or the vibrational disturbances deep in the planet to which animals react prior to an earthquake. This enables the character to predict the weather for up to (AWA + trade SL) hours in advance, not just the next single change within that time period but the nature of the developing trend and the changes through which he feels it will pass.

The att. mod. for Weather Sense is based on the character’s AWA.

GM’s Notes: For this skill, the smaller the change in the weather, the more difficult it is to read, starting with the top of the Degrees of Difficulty and subtracting variances in prevailing temperature and wind speed from that which is manifesting when the Weather Sense is consulted, and also the POT of any fog, dust, or precipitation, especially storms. If more than one sort of weather will manifest within the time period covered by the character’s skill, a separate check to sense each stage, evaluating the DV and making the d100 check for each separately.

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