Weather Sense

Art: Divination

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Sphere: Common

The Weather Sense charm imbues the bearer of the charm with the innate ability to “smell”, “taste” and “feel” the coming of changes in the weather in the air, whether the current trend continues or a new front is about to come through and change everything, whether the temperature is set to rise or fall, a little or alot, if the direction of the wind may change or the velocity, a little or alot, whether precipitation is about to arrive and start to fall and in what form: hail, sleet, freezing rain, a little or alot, torrential downpours, or special weather events occur such as thunderstorms, accompanied by tornadoes, and lightning storms, hurricanes, blizzards, or the like. The information resulting from the dweomer’s power applies only to an area of up to (AWA + POT) furlongs in radius, though of course the front moving in and the change in weather it brings which has been foretold almost certainly affects a (much) larger area. The charm can warn the bearer of the charm of impending weather changes up to (POT) hours in the future. IF more than one change is to occur in the area within this window of time, revelations of each occur in order from the most imminent to that which is to occur farthest into the future. Cast upon a character that has the Weather Sense skill, the POT of the charm is added to his SL for the DUR.

IF the caster also has the Prescience or Prophesy and Augury Spirit Skill, its SL is added to the casting AV and ALSO to the effective POT of the dweomer, but AFTER it is cast (i.e., it does NOT raise the casting DV, as using a greater amount of POT normally would). Whatever the basis that was chosen for the character’s Spirit Skill in this regard, (Aeromancy, Geomancy, Pyromancy, Hydromancy, Cartomancy, Rune Mal, etc., as detailed in the description), must be used as the basis of the casting of this magick when it is performed as Low Magick.

Once the dweomer has provided the information it is designed to grant, it dissipates, its purpose discharged. It has no DUR beyond this.

This dweomer may not be resisted.

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