Weight Charm

Art: Enchantment, Sorcery, Naming

Ruling Planet: Jupiter (Augment), Saturn (Diminish)

Sphere: Common

This charm is specifically designed to play off the character ENC limits. If the ENC rules are not in play, the GM must come up with some other manner in which to reflect the changes proposed by the charm, or remove it from play.

The “Weight Charm” has two aspects, “Augment” and “Diminish”. It enables the caster to either multiply or divide, respectively, the weight of the object(s), creature(s) or being(s) to which it is applied by up to (POT).

Where the weight of a living creature is reduced, the amount by which its weight is diminished may be added to its ENC capacity, because ENC figures assume the necessity of supporting one’s own normal body weight. If the weight should be reduced sufficiently, the target’s own body isn’t heavy enough to allow him to move through the air, but allows him to be pushed and blown about with the wind resistance of a feather, at the mercy of the winds and those about him (generally less than 1lb, GM’s discretion).

On the other hand, should the weight of a living creature be increased, the added weight counts towards any load carried. If a victim’s own bodyweight is increased to such an extent that it exceeds his maximum ENC capacity, he will be borne to the ground, unable to move. For every 10 pounds that his bodyweight is increased beyond his ENC, the victim will suffer 1 point of damage every full [(modified STA) + (STR att. + CND att. mod.) + 8] CS’s. When great enough to do so, this damage should be divided into 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and full values and applied to every area of the victim’s body proportionately.

This magick can be resisted normally when applied directly to creatures and/or beings.

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