Window of Resonance

Art: Naming

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Sphere: Common

This charm unlocks the Resonant potential in any mark left by contact with the physical body of any creature or being, in accordance with the Laws of Magick explained at the beginning of the Grimoire. Should the caster find the mark of his quarry’s passing or be shown one by another, especially a Tracker, and cast this dweomer upon that mark, the dweomer may be used to trace the quarry’s path EITHER forwards to ferret out his current location, or backwards from that point to find where he has come from, as desired (one way or the other with a single casting, not both).

IF the caster is unsure whether the mark he has found or has been shown was made by the quarry he seeks he may confirm the identity with a “Reveal Contagion/Resonance” magick form of the Read charm, provided the quarry is known to the caster through previous personal experience or he has a bond of Resonance to transcend this limitation (fingernail parings, lock of hair, a favored handkerchief or piece of jewelry that has seen daily wear on the body, etc.).

IF bundled with the “Tell-Tale” magick, the practitioner may attach a “Marker” hovering high in the sky over that quarry, in accordance with the “Tell-Tale” description. IF bundled with a Scrying, this can provide the vibrational bridge to allow him to be traced and viewed, should the practitioner’s personal experience of him be insufficient and/or should he also lack any Bond of Resonance to overcome that obstacle.

When directed at creatures and/or beings, this dweomer may be resisted normally.

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