Wound Channeling

Art: Sorcery, Naming

Ruling Planet: Sun

Sphere: Common

Enables the caster to absorb up to (POT) wounds into his own body and then to bestow them on any other living creature or being. The damage transferred can be the result of normal weapons and attacks, accidents, or the result of magickal attacks, and so on — it matters not. Unless the caster is able to immediately bestow the wounds absorbed, in turn, upon some other(s) within (caster’s HRT + trade SL) CS’s, the caster absorbing these wounds becomes subject to a P-RES check vs. a Progressive DV based on the number of wounds absorbed, as they hit his system all at once. He is then subject to all the consequences of having taken on all those wounds at once, to whatever Level of Wounding they would normally reduce him. If he is able he might then channel them away, DUR permitting, this can then be reversed.

If the one to whom the caster channels the wounds resists, the amount he can channel to him is diminished or blocked, according to the results of resistance.

This charm must be applied before (recipient’s CND) minutes have passed following the end of the battle or incident in which the wound(s) being channeled were suffered. Once this window of time has closed, there is no further recourse to this charm.

A character struck down by a deathblow can even be brought back by channeling the worst of the wounds away, or even just enough to bring him back from the edge of death, but ONLY if the charm is applied within (dead character’s HRT) minutes of having been killed. Once this window of time has closed, the character is dead beyond the power of the Common Sphere magicks to redress.

The caster may only channel away what the first casting of the charm allows for the injured. Once he has used this charm for the benefit of a recipient’s health, he cannot do so again unless they have been wounded anew, and then he may only affect those new wounds, none other.

This magick can be resisted normally.

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