Wounds and Levels of Wounding

Wound Thresholds, Damage Soak

Any character struck by a blow whose POT is greater than the subject’s [(modified STA) + (CND)] ÷ 4 AFTER subtracting the protective value of clothing/armor (DR) suffers a “wound”.

Any blow with POT exceeding (wound threshold x 2) AFTER reductions for armor/clothing (as applicable) counts as two (2) wounds; exceeding (wound threshold x 3) counts as three, and so on.

The Threshold/Soak does NOT apply when the character is struck by point or edge, only when hit by a blunt instrument like a mace, or when the blow has passed through armor without breaching it (as occurs with a Piercing attack.

Levels of Wounding

The more wounds suffered, the more damaged the character is and impaired his faculties become. This is further defined by aid of “Levels of Wounding”. These are: “Light”, “Serious”, “Grievous”, and “Mortal”. Light Wounds are also called by the familiar title: “Flesh-Wounds”.

The first wound taken is Light.

The second and third wounds are Serious.

The fourth, fifth and sixth wounds are Grievous.

The seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth are Mortal.

The effective STR of a character suffering Grievous Wounds falls to 1/2 normal, unless he can make a successful HRT check against a Progressive DV based on the number of wounds he has taken, per wound. This allows him to tap his full normal STR for that one attack only.

The effective STR of a character suffering Mortal Wounds falls to 1/4th normal.

Upon receiving the final Mortal Wound, the character collapses (STR between 1 and zero) and a P-RES check must be made successfully or the character dies on the spot.

Succeeding with this roll, the character lives on for (CND minutes, but another P-RES check must be made in order to maintain consciousness during that time.


The character runs on an adrenalin high throughout any given battle or contest, unaffected by the extent of his wounds UNLESS he is knocked unconscious and roused again.

When this occurs, for every Level of Wounding a character has suffered, his effective STR drops by 1/4th.

Optional Body Point rules:

The first 1/4th of the character’s BP’s represent Light wounds;

from 1/4th to 1/2 are Serious wounds;

from 1/2 to 3/4th’s are Grievous wounds;

beyond 3/4th’s are Mortal wounds.